The Best Laid Plans…

In spite of my plan to change my schedule, here it is almost 5AM… again… and here I am blogging. It’s interesting that while this is somewhat distressing, the schedule I seem to have fallen into actually works well for me.  I don’t find myself feeling tired and having a mid-day crash.  After the initial fight to fall asleep, I generally don’t feel HORRIBLE when I get up (which I used to ALL. THE. TIME. when I was working Corporate jobs).

I am hoping to get a new vacuum this weekend.  I am feeling REALLY overwhelmed by housework (have I mentioned I was never a good “housewife”?)  I’ve sent out a bunch of RFPs.  I found a really good discount at Udemy on a Web Development class.  I understand and work with WordPress but feel like I should know some more of the coding side of things.  It’s not that I plan to do coding or build HTML websites or anything, but I think it would be handy to have some extra knowledge to understand how things work.

I’ve been using my planner and thinking about what I want to accomplish this year.  I actually foresee a lot of website building in my future and want to get back to my bath stuff (because I love it, not because I expect it to make me rich).  And while I know it isn’t in the cards for this year, I’ve been thinking more and more about moving and I know it would be a total nightmare right now and I keep going through the process of trying to get rid of things or consolidate things and most of the time it feels like I just am not making any headway at all (back to the whole “I am a HORRIBLE housewife” thing).  I am thinking about moving primarily because I really would like to re-think space.   I am also still hoping to get a Mac. (Again with the missing out on jobs because I don’t have one. SO maddening).

Well, I’d better get to bed.  Anyone else feeling overwhelmed? (Either by housework or anything else)