2016 Last Word…

I’m not even sure where to start…

2016 was a wicked pisser.  It wasn’t all bad – Got a new apartment where there isn’t (knock wood) someone getting shot every week within a couple block radius. The location is way better.

On the (way) down side – Willow went to the Rainbow Bridge. I’m still wondering if there was something I should have done that would have prevented it. My heart is still broken. Although he was a quiet cat, it seems MUCH less ‘full’ without him.  Crystal is lovely and I’m glad she’s part of my life but I’m fairly convinced that I am simply ‘food lady’ and ‘kit-e-pan scooper’ to her.  I love that she loves Mr.POSSLQ as much as she does, though.

Astonishingly, Mr.POSSLQ and I made it through the move without killing each other. I’m sure there are days he’s not too pleased that we’ve lived here 9 months and the livingroom still has unpacked boxes.

I’m not even going to go too far into politics except to say that I will, honestly, be really surprised if we (collectively) survive 2017.  The President-Elect seems pretty hell-bent on ensuring that one way or another, we won’t. I sincerely hope I’m wrong about this.

I am, nonetheless, making plans for the year and hoping that, in substantial ways, 2017 is better than 2016.

Wishing all y’all health, wealth and happiness.

Rabbit, Rabbit for 2017 luck!