A Round of Xanax Smoothies, Please

Yes, I know it’s been quiet here lately. That’s because I’m still in the throes of packing to move and trying also to keep up on client work and occasionally wondering how to make a Xanax smoothie for Mr. POSSLQ. (I somehow think Dr. Killemquick would NOT approve).

Yes, it’s a little (ok, A LOT) nerve wracking that the place we put a deposit on has NOT YET CASHED THE DEPOSIT CHECK!  Yes, I wrote the check OVER A MONTH AGO.

Also, we received our lease renewal letter today.  IF (nope, nope, nope) we chose to stay, our rent would go up another 7% AND they’re going to start charging for gas (heat, hot water). We already pay electric, trash and water/waste water.

“The reason we are doing this is that when natural gas bills are paid by the property owner, residents have no incentive to conserve gas and heat. This results in waste…”

Translation : Because F*CK YOU, that’s why.

And here’s why I say that…. they don’t charge what your unit uses. They split the cost by number of ADULTS in a unit. So, if you’re a single parent with 5 kids (don’t laugh, that’s VERY prevalent in our complex) you only pay the share of 1 adult. I think there are 155 units here… so that single parent household pays 1/155th of the total of the gas bill for the complex. MY household pays 2/155ths. Thing is, that 6 person household with 1 adult still uses hot water for 6.

Further, the unit we share a bathroom wall with has a washer and dryer in their unit (which I know because it runs nearly constantly and vibrates the wall and floor on spin cycle… they have 3-4 kids so lots of laundry, I guess). So, if they wash with warm or hot water that a) raises the overall hot water bill for the complex and b) takes away from my ability to take a warm shower because there is ONE hot water heater per 4 units.

And, trust me, even if I VERY NICELY tried to talk to one of my neighbors about their utilities usage, they’d likely run hot water and have all their lights on 24/7/365 because that’s the kind of love we have here in the ‘hood.

Speaking of “the ‘hood”… we had 2 attempted rapes and a murder happen about 3 blocks away over the weekend. Less violent but yet annoying, I looked out the window today and there were neighborhood teens sitting on and leaning on our car.  No, I suppose that doesn’t hurt anything, but, ya know, how about a little RESPECT for other people’s property??

Lastly, for today (unrelated to the ‘hood), as you can see in my sidebar, I am going to take another crack at the A-to-Z Blogging Challenge again this year. I had thought it was in March for some reason (which, because of the move, that would have been right out) but it’s not until April, which will give me incentive to get busy blogging after the move.