A is for A-to-Z Blog Challenge

Wow! April snuck up on me (again!) but that isn’t really surprising given the move in March.  Yes, Mr. POSSLQ and I moved in March and left behind the scary neighbors and the roaming packs of surly teens.  I’m sure we’ll have challenges where we moved, but so far it seems to be a good upgrade.

Of course, now we’re having to find places for all of the crap stuff we moved.  I’m not sure how this all fit in the old place. I think we must have had a Tardis closet.

Anyhoo…. it’s April and that brings the A-to-Z Blog Challenge which means that I am supposed to be here every day writing something. Which will be a) good practice b) harder than I convinced myself it would be and c) a reason for me to be out reading other people’s blogs.

Sorry this is so short… I’m playing “Post-Move Catch-Up”.