A Non-Tragic Dr. Killemquick Story

It’s been a while since we had a MrPOSSLQ vs. Dr. Killemquick story here, so I thought I would relate the latest goings on…

In late July, we squeaked in a last – minute refill to the med that Mr.POSSLQ takes, buying him 3 more months of not having to visit Dr. Killemquick.  At the end of October, we were down to the end of that ‘script and were in the zone where the pharmacy needs to get permission from the doc to do a refill.

Now, when we’d lived in The Little Lair (before we moved this Spring), we’d had this scenario come up before and the folks at the pharmacy said that Killemquick’s office was unreachable/not responding. Mr. POSSLQ felt, therefore, that it was pointless to even ask this time.  But, he sure as shit did not want to pay a visit to the (good?) Doctor.

I logged into the pharmacy site (because they have coupons, as well) and took a look at Mr.POSSLQ’s ‘script and clicked around a bit. Just enough, it seems, to trigger the “auto-refill” option.  This set in motion a chain of events that had the pharmacy contacting Dr. Killemquick’s office to see if the prescription could be refilled again. Now, I don’t know if Dr. Killemquick simply doesn’t wish to see Mr. POSSLQ or if, perhaps, the former pharmacy was lazy/lied but not only did the prescription get ok’d for refill, it’s actually renewed for another year.

So, Mr. POSSLQ will not be drained of gallons of blood or lectured by Dr. Killemquick for another year.  Hooray!

Most of tomorrow and probably Wednesday, I am going to be online only as much as I need to be for professional reasons. I’ve already voted and the stress/anxiety is not good for me. Be well, everyone.