A One-Sided Rivalry

In many ways what I am about to write is utterly ridiculous.  Realizing that doesn’t change anything, really, I just wanted y’all to know that I know it’s crazy, but it’s going on in my head anyhow.

In my line of work, we’re all independent contractors. Most of us do similar things, just in different ways or present things a little differently, but there are a lot of similarities between people in the field, which is typical for most industries.

There is someone, though, who keeps coming up over and over again and I know that I’ve had potential clients choose the other person over me.  This has grown to be such an issue that I am now contemplating what that person is doing that I am not, or how that person is presenting that’s winning people over.

I honestly don’t think this person even knows (or cares) that I exist. So, the “rivalry” is all in my head. I am “tilting at windmills” in Don Quixote fashion. And we all know that comparison is the thief of joy. The people I DO ‘click’ with are what is important and, really, you just aren’t going to click with everyone. And that’s ok

So, I’d best just chuck it in the fuckit bucket and move on.

Off now to do some research. Have a fabulous weekend. I’ll see y’all tomorrow (NaBloPoMo doesn’t take weekends off!)