About Me

I started blogging around 2004 as a way to be able to communicate with people whilst on a trip without having to send out a bunch of emails. I started out on Livejournal.  I’ve had several blogs since then, the longest-running of which was on blogspot with a very similar name to this blog.

Around 2008, I started branching out a little more, reading more blogs, connecting with more people. I met some fabulous folks in the blogosphere.  Many of them I consider good friends despite never having met them face-to-face.

After a very abrupt and unexpected issue with my web host (which resulted in my losing many years of blog posts), I’m starting over again here.


MsDarkstar – Your intrepid Blog Hostess.  After years of toil & trouble in the Corporate World, MsDarkstar is now (mostly) blissfully self-employed.

MrPOSSLQ – MsDarkstar’s POSSLQ (Person of Opposite Sex Sharing Living Quarters). The long-suffering companion of MsDarkstar who, for reasons MsDarkstar does not completely understand, continues to not run away screaming.  MrPOSSLQ is a fabulous cook and a frustrated dieter.

Crystal (aka Crystalbitz, Girl Cat) – Acquired after the passing of our beloved black cat, Weedy. Sassy, Bossy and Queen Stomplepuss.

Willow (aka Bitey Thing, ManCat) – Joined the family after TruckerTina became an OTR Truck Driver. Originally thought to be a little girl cat, he never quite recovered from being told that he could not be spayed but would have to be neutered. He often seemed confused and really wished MsDarkstar would stop bringing home crazy girlcats. (Sadly, Willow, at the age of 14, has joined Diamond at The Rainbow Bridge)

Diamond – Diamond is a chinchilla. Acquired as a birthday gift for MsDarkstar, she is named Diamond partially because MsDarkstar wanted to see the reaction of people when she told them that MrPOSSLQ got her a Diamond for her birthday. (Sadly, Diamond has gone to her Eternal Dust Bath at The Rainbow Bridge)