Amazon FTW

So, although I should probably be in bed now, I need to get the blog post up AND I felt that I should say that I am impressed with Amazon at the moment. As I mentioned previously, I had a package stolen on Sunday. I reported it to the carrier (in this case, USPS) and to Amazon.  I wasn’t expecting a response from Amazon until Monday, if they responded at all… and I was sort of thinking that their response was going to be “Yeah, sorry someone in your neighborhood is a douchecanoe, but we’ll be happy to let you re-order it”.

Well, I got a response on Sunday which basically said that they were terribly sorry that it had happened, that they were terribly sorry the carrier didn’t at least KNOCK, and that they were *gasp* sending me a replacement at no charge.

I… was pretty impressed. First of all, most places don’t have customer service on Sundays (though, maybe this was an offshore customer service rep?) and secondly, they didn’t act like this was somehow my fault, and it wasn’t a canned response sent by an autoresponder (like I got late in the day on Tuesday from USPS).

What I had ordered arrived today and the UPS guy knocked loudly (which I thanked him for). The other thing that came today was at the back door and I luckily happened to be in the kitchen when it came, because they didn’t knock at all but I heard the package “thud”.

So…I opened up the bottom of the box very carefully, took out what was in there, put in a bag of used kitty litter and sealed it back up and then set it outside of my front door. When I checked back a half hour later, it was gone. Hope they enjoyed the cat poo. (Oh…and the colouring page I put in the box with the bad word on it… thank you sweary colouring books).

Will be glad when the little hellions go back to school next week (apparently they have the whole week off). I wish I could get my hands on some of those exploding dye packs that banks use.