And Now… a Guest Post

“Hi, I’m Christa. You might know me from a blogging challenge two Aprils ago, when I gave an interview to the wonderful person who runs this place. She referred to me as CM. I am CM. I am also the spirit daughter she has periodically referred to, and the transgender friend mentioned in the post about the election results.

Now that I have that out of the way…  let’s talk about Trump. We’re going to be talking about him a lot from now on, because he is now the most powerful pudding brain on Earth. (Or will be in 2 months.)

There are some people who will say to me “Everything is going to be fine. He can’t possibly do X.” (X=whatever policy you can think of) Except, yes, he can. He’ll have a cooperative Congress behind him, and a cooperative Supreme Court behind him. And nothing, not even “checks and balances” will save us from the nightmare that is coming.

Our new vice-pudding brain recently gave an interview to “Doctor” James Dobson, in which he dispensed the following nugget of wisdom: “Washington should not step in the way of good sense by providing bathroom choice protections.” Translation: “Transgender people who want to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity are absolutely fucking screwed, period.”

Right. Transgender people. You know, like me. This is everything the Obama administration has done for us (the LGBT community) since taking office: That was also a list of everything that will be wiped away into the dustbin of history as of 12 noon on 20 January 2017. They’re taking America back, alright! Back to the 1950s!

And this, dear readers, is just the beginning. Remember 2015’s marriage equality decision? Consider it overturned. Maybe not immediately, but soon. Same goes with employment and housing protections. They don’t want us to exist, so they’re going to shove us into the closet as far as they can until we collectively die.

I am a transgender woman, yes. But I am also a budding audio engineer, and somebody who wishes to transition in a place that is safe. Thanks to Tuesday night, nowhere is safe. Even if I move to a solidly liberal state on the coasts, I could still stand to get shot in the head by some asshole in a MAGA hat. And if it isn’t me, it will be someone of color. Hate crimes will skyrocket, as we’ve already seen in Britain as a result of Brexit.

This is the thing we’re facing next year. And in 2018, 2019, and 2020. Four years of anti-LGBT insanity, four years of being treated like mere cattle, four years of, once again, GETTING SHOT FOR THE CRIME OF EXISTING. FOR USING THE WRONG BATHROOM. FOR BEING A PERSON OF COLOR.

I am angry. I am pissed. I am furious. And I am screaming, because the country that I thought I knew has just revealed itself to me. Hate has won.

But I will not sit by and let them run over me. I will fight back at the ballot box, and I will fight back online. I will fight with my words. His words of hate have brought us to this point, my words of love, tolerance, and acceptance shall (hopefully) restore sanity in at least the hearts of you readers.

But I will not fight alone. You can help me. In fact, I implore you to. Accept us, love us, tolerate us, listen to us when we cry out for help. And fight with us. The next four years will be long, dark, frightening, and nightmarish for everybody, including me. We will need all the help we can get, because the federal government won’t give us any.”