Back That Ass(et) Up!!

For a couple of weeks I’d had an issue with something in my computer making a very unhappy noise.  Wasn’t quite sure WHAT it was, but it wasn’t good. And then it’d go away.  Well, on Friday, it came back with a vengeance and turned out to be my power supply. Ok, hey, no big deal. You pop it out, get a new one, pop it in, hook stuff up again and you’re good to go.


Guess what type of power supply no one makes anymore?  If you guessed “the type that fits in MsDarkstar’s computer” you would be correct.

Now, I DO have a laptop, so being without a computer isn’t a complete trainwreck, but the reality is that the work I do is better done on a desktop computer (or, at least, a not-eight-year-old laptop. Which is NOT to say I don’t love my lappie, because I DO!) and so… decisions needed to be made.  Dropping money on a new computer is NOT in the budget.

Let me tell you something. I thought I did a pretty good job of keeping things backed up on my computer. I set things to back up what I thought was probably more often than really necessary. And… my OneNote files are pretty much gone. Which means a bunch of recipes are gone. Not tragic. But a loss, nonetheless.

I lost a FEW of my Neat Receipt scanned files.  I had a SOMEWHAT recent backup of those but will now note that I need to do it pretty much every time I scan something new.

I lost Adobe Acrobat 8, which is too expensive for me to replace and I don’t have the disc anymore. I couldn’t find my MSOffice Suite disc  (TORE up the house looking…. I am so angry/upset that I cannot find it!) and I absolutely need that to work (No, OpenOffice  just won’t quite cut it).  And no, it does NOT work via the old hard drive.

So, I’ve not lost the ability to work, but I’ve spent a lot of time scrambling to see what files I still have, downloading things I need and generally trying to make order of chaos.

All of this definitely has me thinking about making sure that if (God Forbid!) this should happen again (and, by the way, REALLY, UNIVERSE?? Didn’t I JUST recover from losing websites??) that restoration is as quick and painless as possible.  I do give some credit to my feeling compelled to go and get an external drive a couple of months ago.  While ‘the cloud’ is acceptable for backing up SOME things, it’s not so good when you have sensitive data.

So, be sure that you are creating backups regularly. It might sound like extra work, but believe me, the time and heartache it will save you is well worth it.



One thought on “Back That Ass(et) Up!!

  1. Oh yikes. That would hurt. Fortunately (or not?) The only things that I care about keeping are photographs and some documents pertaining to my nursing license. I’ve got those backed up in not one, but THREE places in the cloud. Just to be sure. Here’s hoping you can get everything straightened out soon. Thank you employer, for giving me a free copy of Office 2010 for every computer in the house, thank you, thank you, thank you!

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