Books, Blood and an Awesome Calendar!

Mr. POSSLQ had to go back and see Doc KillemQuick again. Some crap about a follow-up visit.   Mr. POSSLQ has been working his ass off (pretty literally, actually) to lose weight. He even joined the gym (I will not, however, share his colorful epithet for his fellow gym patrons).  He’s lost about 30lbs.

Well, guess what? THAT wasn’t good enough for KillemQuick. Another 10 freakin’ vials of blood were taken (seriously? I think the man must get kickbacks from someplace that does transfusions because he seems pretty determined to siphon out all of Mr. POSSLQ’s blood!)  More test were ordered! More things that insurance won’t pay for were commanded.  And I am even MORE determined to never again visit the office of anyone who practices medicine.  (As Mr. POSSLQ noted, there’s no MONEY in HEALTHY people… so no wonder the Doc is looking to try to find more things wrong with him).


I BELIEVE (but am not 100% sure yet) that there is going to be a new feature here soon. Still sortve negotiating things, so we’ll see how it goes.

Also….recently picked up the books “F**K IT SPIRTUALITY” and “F**CK IT THERAPY”… so, I hope to get through those in the next couple of weeks so I can post reviews.  (I *think* I will finish the book I am currently reading this weekend).  Oh… and I almost forgot…

I have another book I will be reviewing shortly… but, in the meantime, if you’re looking for a great calendar for 2016, I highly recommend this one to you that features the kitties of Happy Tails to You (on Facebook). **This is NOT an affiliate link and I was not asked by the creator to post this, I am doing this because I **LOVE** the calendar and because I **LOVE** supporting small businesses.**