C is for Cats

Ok, the fact that I am using Cats for C should surprise no one. I love cats. I am fortunate that 2 of the little purrbeasts allow me to live with them (let’s face it, that’s how they view it and who am I to argue? I’m only “Bringer of Food” and “Scooper of Box”).

The two current Purrbeasts are Willow (aka Mancat/The Bitey Thing) and Crystal (aka Girlcat/Crystal Bitz/Wide Loaf).  They’re both white cats.  Not exactly the wisest choice if one wears black clothing as much as I do (read: daily) but I don’t mind a little cat fur.

So, when we moved, we had a bit of an issue. The place we had lived we had carpet. The new place is tile and wood laminate.  Poor Crystal was a little confused/put off for a few days because she was used to carpet and this new floor is a little weird.  She’s mostly adjusted now, though (a couple of weeks later).

2012-01-26 19.57.40

Yes, that ridiculous pile of cute is Crystal (on the carpet in our former apartment).  That particular move we refer to as “the cute flop”.

Crystal is a rescue cat.  We didn’t really plan on getting another cat but… sometimes these things happen.

C is also for Chinchilla. I miss my Diamond every day.

Shine On baby girl


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  1. I have 4 FOUR of the little beasts. They are nominally my husband’s beasts, I’m a dog person. But I love each and every one, all rescues. Lily (our white one), Randall (the only boy), Lucy, and Ellie (convinced she’s an alien).

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