C is for Critters

CI have 2 cats and a chinchilla (how’s THAT for a “C” word??)  I would love to have more critters but apartment rules and the stern disapproval of Mr. POSSLQ every time I bring up wanting a new critter have kept me (thusfar) from actually getting more critters.

In my life, I’ve had cats, a chinchilla, a rabbit, several mice, there were (very briefly) rats in the apartment (they weren’t mine), a bearded dragon and a russian tortoise.  If I ever have the good fortune to (finally) move into a house, I’d really like to get a hedgehog.
Mr. POSSLQ had ferrets in the days before he met me. He couldn’t bring them with him (long story) and I think he’d probably prefer to not think what became of them.  Were they less work and easier to maintain, we would probably have gotten a ferret by now.

I’ve never had birds. For a brief time growing up we had a dog.  I used to love to take our tortoise outside and let him munch on the dandelions in the yard (oh the row we had with the landlord who wanted to put poison on the lawn to kill the dandelions!)

So, bloggy friends, do you have any critters?

4 thoughts on “C is for Critters

    • @Prunzaye – I had a friend who used to threaten (jokingly) that he was going to make parakeet mcnuggets if his birds didn’t let him get to sleep (he worked nights).

      Glad you stopped by!

  1. I have two cats. We had a fish tank for about 10 years, but the cats figured out how to get the lid open and ended up getting sick from drinking the water. I would love to have a dog again, but like you, am an apartment dweller. We could have a dog, but I don’t think it would be fair to the dog not to have a place to run around without having to be on a leash.

    • @Melanie – I feel sorry for the dogs in my complex who get left out on the porch. Doubly sorry the days it is scorching hot.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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