Can I actually do it?

So, I am thinking that I will actually take a day off and do no work stuff tomorrow. I have SO many other things I need to be/should be doing that I certainly wouldn’t be bored if I took a day off.   Still, it will seem weird to not be doing work.

I was hoping to have my Leonie workbooks to start on, but they haven’t come yet. Or maybe they are among the four “packaged” that are in the office here at the complex. (The note we got from the office actually says 4 ‘packaged’). But tracking says they aren’t due to arrive until tomorrow.

Maybe I’ll take a day off. Maybe more than one day. I think maybe it’s time. I have things to think about and to get done and maybe things need to be in better balance in my life.

Have a fab Thanksgiving to all those who celebrate.

One thought on “Can I actually do it?

  1. How about this: if you’re being a workaholic, stop. If you’re doing things that need to get done and it’s just crunch time, double down.

    Me, I went from being in the hospital to making an entire Thanksgiving dinner in just 3 days! WOO me!

    [‘Happy whatever, kiddo.’]

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