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Way “back in the day” when I was blogging on Blogspot, after I had acquired my laptop, I used to go to the Coffeehouse sometimes with MrPOSSLQ on Sundays and I would write posts from the coffeehouse.

We seldom get out to to the coffeehouse these days. Too busy, little “disposable” income and I’m likely to be doing work on Sundays these days. But, for the past couple of months, one Sunday a month I meet with another Virtual Assistant at a coffeehouse not far from home.  It’s a chance to get out and do something social but also involves business discussion with someone who is on the same path I’m on.

So,  I am not actually posting this from the coffeehouse, but I am GOING to go to the coffeehouse, so… that counts for something, right?

Also, before The Blog Fiasco (wherein I lost all of my blog posts) I had posted about MrPOSSLQ’s saga (at least in part) and I am going to recreate that here because the story will, I am sure, continue and I want to be sure that we have “The Beginning” written somewhere.

In March of this year, MrPOSSLQ went in for his required-by-work annual physical. (I know you’re supposed to do that but he HAS to do it to maintain the license he has to do the sort of work that he does).  However, the timing was such that he had not yet gotten insurance through work so the first trip to Dr. Killemquick’s office was out-of-pocket and NOT CHEAP.  Add to that the labwork and I am surprised MrPOSSLQ didn’t drop dead of a heart attack when presented with the bill.

It was at this visit that our new most hated enemy, Hypertension, came to light.  MrPOSSLQ was given a prescription and orders to lose weight and exercise.  Now, MrPOSSLQ had quit smoking (after a number of years) about 6 years ago.  I’m here to testify to the fact that his crabbiness level whilst in the throes of nicotine withdrawal was NOTHING compared to how crabby he is when he is hungry. And since the whole diet thing, he’s hungry ALL THE TIME.

So, the ‘script got filled and we were off and running. MrPOSSLQ has lost 20+ lbs and Dr. Killemquick seemed ok with that at the 3 month followup visit. However, he had perused the now-three-month-old labwork and decided that MrPOSSLQ needed Potassium.. And Niacin… oh, and HEY…. how about some cholesterol meds to go with everything else?

So, even though everything I could find online said “DON’T TAKE POTASSIUM WITH THAT HYPERTENSION MEDICATION, YOUR LIVER WILL CLAW ITS WAY OUT OF YOUR BODY”, MrPOSSLQ was a good, compliant patient..Who took what Dr. Killemquick ordered and, guess what? His blood pressure shot right back up. NO MORE POTASSIUM for Mr. POSSLQ!

Doc Killemquick ordered Very Expensive Cholesterol Medication (VECM) and MrPOSSLQ finds out his insurance doesn’t cover VECM… and the out-of-pocket cost is nearly $300/mo. Ummm, NO!  So… pharmacy asks Doc Killemquick to get authorization from AzulBoss insurance company to please cover VECM.  After nearly a week, AzulBoss says “Ummmm…. NO!”  So, Doc Killemquick cries a little knowing that his pharmaceutical company kickback check isn’t going to cover that vacation his trophy wife has been nagging him about and writes a prescription for another medication that everything I can find information on online says “HEY… IF YOU TAKE NIACIN WITH THIS MEDICATION, YOUR KIDNEYS ARE GOING TO REBEL AND POSSIBLY EXIT VIA YOUR NASAL PASSAGES IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!” so… MrPOSSLQ stops taking niacin and takes less-expensive-but-guess-what-it-still-isn’t-covered-by-insurance (SNCCM – Still-Not-Covered-Cholesterol-Medication).  Thank the Higher Big Pharma Powers that Walgreen’s has a discount prescription program.

So… I sit across the room and periodically throw MrPOSSLQ a leaf to munch on… he periodically growls (signaling it’s time for another leaf) and life goes on.


2 thoughts on “Coffeehouse Sunday Post

  1. Loved this one the first time! My doctor put me on el cheapo cholesterol medicine, after which, I promptly gained 10 pounds and feel like shit. I stopped taking it, since, according the all-mighty internetz, my cholesterol is borderline. I started walking an hour a day, and am attempting with some difficulty, to change my diet. And I STILL can’t get rid of the beastly 10 pounds.

    Doctors piss me off. It’s even worse because (a) I’m a nurse and (b) I work for a large health insurance company (thankfully, a local, New Mexico one, not AzulBoss, LOL!

    • I figure when they can stop “practicing” medicine and actually GET IT RIGHT, I will trust doctors.
      Sounds like Dr. Internetz was “on the money” for you.

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