Coffeehouse Wednesday

Long ago, in a blog that seems far away, I used to do “Coffeehouse Sunday” posts.  MrPOSSLQ and I would venture out on a Sunday morning to a coffeehouse and I would blog. That was back in the days when I first got this laptop.

Now, it’s about 7 years later and I’ve moved 1000+ miles away from the coffeehouses we used to go to on Sunday mornings and it’s raining in January here instead of snowing and I am totally fine with that.  Gone is The Frozen Tundra and me and my appendages (which are no longer frostbitten on the regular) are very happy to be somewhere that the air doesn’t hurt.

It’s actually a really rare thing for me to be out of the house at all in the middle of the week like this.  I usually go out with MrPOSSLQ on Saturdays to run errands and that’s about the extent of my forays into the outside world. Most of my life is lived in the four walls that comprise my home office.  I walk into the office in the morning and leave the office to go to bed at night.  I know that may sound pretty horrible to some people, but let me tell you, it totally beats going off to an office everyday and dealing with office politics and drama.  Maybe it says something about me that I prefer the isolation but, I’ll be honest that I don’t miss the commute, I don’t miss the micromanagement, and I don’t miss cubicles.

I’m fortunate to have a very supportive community online. Between Facebook and Skype, I often have more than enough ‘chat’ going on daily. (And unlike in an office environment, I have the option to turn it off if it truly gets to be too much…can’t tell you how many days when I was working Corporate that I wished co-workers had a ‘mute’ button).

I’ve been working my way through my 2015 Life and Biz Planner.  I’ve got several projects in the works… in both Life and Biz.  Our bookshelves need to be replaced so I have been working on taking all of the books off of them (and then, as soon as we get new shelves, will have to work on putting the books back ONTO the shelves! I am trying very hard to “let go” of “things” so that the apartment will be less chaotic, more organized and maybe things will be easier to find.  I did get a new vacuum cleaner, which works, but was not really the model I wanted. I want to get my life back to where I don’t always HAVE to go with the most inexpensive option, where I don’t have to decide that something I really want (like joining Leonie’s Life and Biz Academy) isn’t an impossible dream or that something I enjoy like floating is an unreasonable luxury item.

And, of course, there are the big dreams… a new(er) car…a house (instead of a tiny apartment)…things that I have tried to push out of my mind but that creep back anyways.

Looks like there’s another Coffeehouse Wednesday in the cards for next week, too.  Which is good. Because I decided that my “focus word” for this year is “Balance” (more on that in a future blog post).