D is for Death

So…my eldest stepsister passed away.

My stepsisters are all significantly older, so we didn’t grow up together. They were all grown, moved away by the time my Mom married their Dad. (The eldest of my stepsisters was 18 years older than me…the middle is 16 years older… the youngest is 14 years older).

Still, my Mom was the only Mom they’ve had for decades now and even after their Dad and my Mom divorced, they’ve all always treated my Mom like family. So, I’ve known what has gone on in the sisters’ lives over the years via my Mom.

A couple years ago, I officiated at a friend’s wedding not far from where my eldest stepsister lived. Even though we hadn’t been in touch for a couple decades, I decided I needed to visit her while I was so close. Even though it was a little awkward (last time I saw her son he was 2… now he’s in his 30’s), I am especially glad now that I made the effort to go and see them.

V was really cool. In her younger years she worked in Real Estate. More recently she was a massage therapist and had her own business.  Even though we didn’t spend a lot of time together, I picked up the habit of resting my glasses on top of my head to “be like V” when I was little. I still do that today.

The world is a better place for her having been here. I hope the same can be said of me, some day. Even though we weren’t in close contact, I will truly miss her.