D is for Distracted

DWhen I originally found out about the A-to-Z Blogging Challenge I had a plan. Oh, it was a clever plan.  And the plan was that I could blog ahead.  Be halfway done by the time the blogging challenge started and have posts all scheduled and be ahead of the game. And then, as it came closer to the start date, I figured ok.. maybe I can still be a day or two ahead of schedule.  But, nay nay, dear Readers. Here I am at 3AM blogging once again.  Plan? Nope…  Ahead of schedule? Nope…. But, I am still (barely) making it every day.

So, how did I get off track? Well, partly because I have been trying to rearrange my schedule and how I get things done. Partly because of some work items that have come up. Partly because of another dreadful “D” word (Depression).

I moved to my current location about 5.5 years ago. I love it here but I just haven’t made a lot of friends.  And, the closest friend I have here (other than Mr.POSSLQ) just moved to Chicago. We said goodbye on Wednesday.  And I’m going to confess to having cried pretty much the entire week so far. Partly because the friend was leaving and partly because I am pretty sure if I am going to see her, that means I’m going to have to get on an airplane and I HATE flying.  With a passion.  And I am not crazy about going anywhere near the Upper Midwest, but… I’ll go if I have to. If it means I get to see my friend and her cats (I got attached to the cats because I did catsitting for her a few times a year) I will deal with air travel.  And my problem with air travel is partially fear and partially because the last couple of times I have been on a plane, it has been a really bad experience. I’ve had crappy seatmates (yes, woman on the way back from Boston, I’m thinking of you… and your pointy little elbow…. and your smug, judgmental face. And yes, I still remember your name).

And hey… I just managed to get distract whilst writing this post. That takes talent. Or something.  Perhaps “D” should be for “Driven to Drink”!!

Have a stellar weekend, Blogosphere!

4 thoughts on “D is for Distracted

  1. I am so easily distracted and then I get nothing done. I do have a few of my posts written ahead, though. I understand about you friend moving. That happened to me many years ago and I was sure my life would never be the same. So I enrolled in nursing school and found my career. Sadly she died following an operation a few years ago. I only made it to Florida to see her once. Distance can be so hard on relationships. Good luck with your challenge.

    Smidgen Snippets & Bits

    • @Paula – Well, this friend is younger than I am, as well. So, I hope she finds happiness and fulfillment in her new location. I work from home, which I love, but it makes a social life difficult.

      Sorry to hear that your friend passed away. We just never know.

  2. I hear you! I HAD to do the planning ahead thing and had almost half of the posts scheduled before the 1st because I work full time, I’m also doing Camp NaNo and the thought of trying to keep up with checking in on at least 5 blogs a day during AtoZ scared the heck out of me. Also, I periodically have bouts of depression that knock me out of writing for a few days.

    Sorry about your friend moving. Hope you’re able to climb your way out of the ‘pit’ and move forward. My trick is to wallow in it for no more than two hours then force myself to find positive things to focus on. Eventually the depression lessens and I’m able to focus on life again.

    Good luck!

    • @Melanie – If you have a commute and everything (and the never-fun “D” word – Depression) then you get extra kudos from me for keeping up on everything!

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