Down the Rabbit Hole

3AM… I am editing something for a client.  As is typical with this particular client, the writing I am proofing/editing is very relevant to things going on in my life. So, while I am supposed to be concentrating on the work part of the assignment, I am distracted by the philosophy. And my mind is following a million different white rabbits and suddenly I am here blogging.

Time, which seems of utmost concern to The White Rabbit has not been my friend lately. I have so very many things to get done but my whole schedule is so weird and warped and I am SO VERY TIRED.  I need to have about 2 weeks where I have no obligations and can just get stuff done.  My apartment needs attention. I have a couple of ideas for novels I’d love to capture before they flee my mind. I am thinking of taking my first foray into colouring my hair something that is NOT on the “natural hair colour” spectrum but it will take time because my hair will have to be bleached first and then the colour applied.  And I have a bunch of bath things I want to make and my carpets need steam cleaning and there is a pile of boxes in my livingroom that has been there for several months and they need to go.  And I have more client work coming my way (not at all a complaint) and about 6 new software things I want/need to learn.  It’s getting pretty overwhelming.

Not to mention the fact that Mr.POSSLQ’s birthday is coming up and I cannot wait til the last minute to procure his gift (especially given the shipping fiascos I’ve dealt with recently).

And you would laugh if I could tell you the topic of the piece I am editing for the client and how it relates to all of this (but is NOT about Time Management). But… confidentiality… integrity and all that good stuff.

Time to get back to work. I do need to get up in the morning and don’t want to leave Mr. POSSLQ stewing for too long about just WHEN I am going to get my lazy behind out of bed.

Maybe I can get bunny ears and a pocket watch for the cat for Halloween and pretend I have my very own white rabbit…