Dr. KillemQuick conveniently MIA

If you will recall, back in April Mr.POSSLQ went to refill his prescription, found out an authorization was needed and that took extra time.  We never heard a peep from KillemQuick’s office and so didn’t give it a second thought… Mr. POSSLQ got his hypertension meds and all was well.

Well, here we are, one 90-day prescription later and again, the refill request has been sent and, once again, the pharmacy says they need an authorization and once again (SUPRISE!) KillemQuick’s office is being glacially slow to respond.  You would think that if the doc wanted to actually see him before he authorized a refill that he would, you know, call or something but still, nary a peep from KillemQuick’s office and Mr.POSSLQ’s schedule really only allows him to get to KillemQuick’s office on Monday mornings. (Being a graveyard shift worker and all…you don’t want to spend hours after you’ve worked all night sitting in the doctor’s office not getting sleep).

Mr. POSSLQ would LIKE to find a new doc. Which is a dandy idea if it weren’t for the fact that they’re probably going to start over at Square One and want all new bloodwork which will mean more out-of-pocket (not covered by insurance) expenses.  Plus, explaining to a  healthcare professional that your work schedule precludes pretty much any normal routine which does not have at its core “sleep/work/eat – rinse and repeat” generally doesn’t go over well when they tend toward spouting “You’d have zero health problems if you lost half of your body weight…seriously, do you really NEED all those heavy limbs??”  And really, aside from the headaches that come whilst not taking the medication, Mr. POSSLQ really does not give a rat’s patoot about anything health related except as related to being able to meet the requirements for keeping his license. Also, if you will will recall with the Very Expensive Cholesterol Medication (VECM) that Dr. KillemQuick insisted Mr. POSSLQ needed to take, there were unacceptable side effects that Dr. KillemQuick was completely unwilling to address.  So, prescribing more Very Expensive Medications that insurance doesn’t cover (It’s bad enough that it doesn’t cover the freakin’ hypertension medication…talk about things that raise your blood pressure!) isn’t going to help Mr. POSSLQ with his hypertension. (And again, if they want/need to see him before they’ll re-up his ‘script, why aren’t the freakin’ CALLING or sending one of those stupid “friendly reminder” postcards or something?)

Of course, Mr. POSSLQ’s blood pressure is not the only problem with this whole scenario. Because I start worrying that something horrible is going to happen to him and I get really ANGRY with Dr. KillemQuick (who refuses to LISTEN when Mr. POSSLQ tries to talk to him) so I am sure that all of this is not healthy for ME, either.

So, Dr. KillemQuick.. please come out of hiding, authorize the damn ‘script so we can get back to worrying about moving and all of the other shit in our lives that does not revolve around waiting for a doctor and his office staff to show a hint of being responsive.

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