E is for Easily Distracted

As I mentioned yesterday, my ‘D’ post was going to be about Donuts but then I got to thinking about something else and so I ended up scrapping the donut post and writing the decisions post.

My corporate career forced me to be a multi-tasker. I was answering phones whilst signing for packages, responding to emails and doing copywriting (at least in my head as I was doing all of the other things). I can answer the phone with a mouthful of sandwich in a way that you’d never guess that I have the mouthful of sandwich because many times I worked in a position where the half hour allotted for lunch was a joke because there was no one else to cover phones and even though most people ultimately wanted voicemail anyways, I was instructed to never, EVER let the phone roll to voicemail.

However, the multi-tasking scenario is less than optimal when you are self-employed because it means that rather than FINISHING things you get a bunch of things STARTED and then have to run around keeping all the plates spinning while starting even MORE things. If you’re good at what you do as a self-employed person you prioritze wisely and only have one or two things going at once, finish up the deliverables and move on to the next thing in queue.

And, theoretically, mono-focusing is a really good thing. But it’s terribly hard to switch your brain from multi-task mode to mono-focus mode,  something that drives me crazy when I’m trying to do something like participate in the A-to-Z Blogging Challenge because while I know I SHOULD sit down and write several posts in advance, I get halfway through one and my brain wanders off to the next letter no matter how much I try to focus on the post at hand. (There I go again… mid-sentence I went and uploaded the Featured Image for this post rather than finishing the post and THEN uploading the image).

I do manage to work pretty efficiently, even in multi-task mode, but wonder if I shouldn’t be trying harder to really learn to mono-focus.  I think that the multi-tasking brain may also be why I have insomnia… I can’t easily ‘shut down’ and go to sleep.  *sigh… Stupid Brain…


2 thoughts on “E is for Easily Distracted

  1. I get halfway through one and my brain wanders off to the next letter no matter how much I try to focus on the post at hand.

    Then do the obvious thing: save the current post, and move on to the next one, and if necessary keep rolling through the letters. Strike while the iron is hot.

    Then when you completely stall out came back to the first one you want to finish.

    [‘I’d bet it’ll be obvious.’]

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