E is for Eggsplosion

EA few years ago, Mr. POSSLQ happened to mention that he liked poached eggs. Poached eggs with English Muffins. But… cooking poached eggs was sortve a pain in the posterior, so he seldom made them.  I don’t remember what occasion it was that I got him the special egg poaching pan to celebrate, but I did get him an egg poaching pan (which you put water in the bottom of and then it has these little cups in a holder and you break the eggs into the cups and then they have little handles to easily lift them out).

I’m not sure WHY or HOW I missed the fact that feeding Mr.POSSLQ more eggs wasn’t necessarily a wise move. Maybe it had something to do with years of living with the Wasband and I just didn’t consider that perhaps eggs would have an unpleasant side effect (the Wasband liked Deviled Eggs, but I have to admit that I cannot hardboil an egg reliably, so he seldom got to EAT Deviled Eggs, which was just as well because his flatulence LITERALLY peeled paint from walls…. oh, how I wish I was joking!)

The poached eggs are usually not too awful in the “after-effects” department. HOWEVER, Mr.POSSLQ is prone to stopping for breakfast on the way home from work and let me tell you, I would very much like to get Steak, Egg and Cheese sandwiches put on some banned substance list because after he’s had one of those, the cats come and burrow under my blankets to avoid the gaseous green clouds.

Also, it’s really quite something to see a cat, sleeping peacefully, suddenly bolt awake and flee from a room… but I have been witness to just such an event after one of the aforementioned bagel sandwiches.

Any foods that create unintended (or unwanted) side effects for y’all?

2 thoughts on “E is for Eggsplosion

  1. enjoying getting to know you through your fun posts. your critters sound cute – i only have a dog and that’s enough for me! i have moved around a lot, so never had close friends until this last move and now i’ve lost three friends because they moved away! writing and my doggie are my closest friends (aside from family!)

    and i’m the only girl with hub and 3 boys, including dog – it’s pretty smelly no matter what they eat!
    happy e day!

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