E is for Entropy

en·tro·py   (ˈentrəpē ) noun –a lack of order or predictability


This is pretty much how I feel my life is at the moment. Winding my way through the livingroom/diningroom area, stubbing my toes EVERY DAY but not having the time or energy to make any real progress on taming the chaos.  The bookshelves should be here tomorrow….which, on one hand, is fabulous.  On the other hand, there’s nowhere to assemble them and there’s nowhere to put them once they are assembled. As Mr.POSSLQ sagely noted the other day “we need room to make room”.


I’ve been trying very hard to get my home office whipped into some kind of shape because I know me and I know that I do not work well in chaos and feeling my focus pulled off to get rid of the mess/clutter any time I am not actively facing my computer screens is having a detrimental effect on my productivity. I loathe the feeling of being unfocused but lack the energy to really spend the hours and hours that are needed to really make a difference.  Plus, during what would be my productive hours, (read: when most people are asleep),  I have to be mindful of the fact that I have a downstairs neighbor and the room I use as an office may be above what someone else is using as a bedroom and I do not want to be THAT neighbor (the kind that I often wrote entries in my “Bad Neighbors Log” about).


I’ve got some shelves to put together to go in the closet in the office but I keep getting hung up on the fact that I can’t even really get TO the closet at the moment and then there are a number of things that I could (and should) put on the shelves but that will mean that I’ll have to find somewhere else to put other things and what do I absolutely need to have on shelves and what can/should I keep in some other storage solution and it’s been three weeks so maybe, at this point, anything that’s still in those boxes is something I don’t really NEED. (But, when I go out and purchase the 15th replacement stick of antiperspirant, I swear I can actually hear the 15 that are packed away in various boxes snickering at me).


On the up side, the kitchen is pretty much put together, which is good. It strikes me as a combination of maddening and funny that the boxes I have books packed in are collapsing under the weight of the boxes of books that are stacked on top of them. (37 boxes of books… THIRTY-SEVEN). These are, by the way, the U-Haul boxes which are supposed to be immune to the whole “crush” thing.  I’m here to tell you that they are collapsing and present a clear and present danger to Mr. POSSLQ and I (and moreso to the cats) every day.


I blog about the insanity to maintain my sanity.  Entropy, indeed.

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