F is for Furniture

It struck me, as Mr. POSSLQ and I prepared to move, that really we have less furniture than probably most folks our age. In fact, one of the movers asked what we’d done with the rest of our furniture and I had to tell him that what he was seeing (and moving) was pretty much what we’ve got. We don’t have a couch. We don’t have a TV. We don’t even really have a chair for someone visiting to sit on.  Then again, we very, very seldom have anyone over at all.

It makes me feel a little strange sometimes, that most of my friends are people I know from various places on the Internet. I know there are a number of people who will tell you that if you haven’t met someone face-to-face you can’t be “real” friends and I am not inclined to believe that.  I feel that there are people I know from Internet friendships who are indeed very real friends.

Oh…and F is also for “Farmer’s Market”.  We discovered that VERY close to our new apartment there is a Farmer’s Market that is open on Sunday from 10A-3P.  We went last weekend (opening day) and will head there again on Sunday (lots of good finds).  There aren’t a bunch of veggies there yet, but I suspect that it’s because it’s only April and there just hasn’t been time for much to have grown yet. I’m thinking that the produce that is being sold is probably mainly greenhouse-grown but last week there were some very nice looking squash and cucumbers. (We’d already gone grocery shopping on Saturday much to our chagrin).

Finally, it struck me funny that “F” falls on a Thursday in the challenge… not on the day that starts with F…