Fabulous Friday

Ok, wow….things sure have been serious around here. Time to lighten up and celebrate Friday!

I subscribe to CatladyBox* and this month we got a cookie cutter! I’m really looking forward to making cat-face cookies! There were two toys in the box this month that I am saving for Crystal. One is shaped like a slice of pumpkin pie and the other is a catnip stuffed turkey.  I’ll give those to her next week.

Unrelated to the CatladyBox, I have an armadillo-shaped cookie cutter that I am looking forward to using, as well. Don’t know when I am going to get around to making cookies, though. Perhaps in late December.

I also did an experiment this evening. I had a box that Crystal has been snoozing in. I closed it up and cut a door in it to see if she’d actually like a “cat fort”. She would probably deny it, but she’s been in there and I think she likes it. Yay Cat Fort!


*This is not a sponsored post and the link is not an affiliate link. I  am not being compensated in any way for mentioning CatladyBox in this post.