G is for Good Enough

Many times I come to blog and actually write something then either banish it to perma-draft mode or delete it outright. I want to be writing things that are BRILLIANT. I want to be writing things that people love and share with their friends and for my prose to be so lovely that it brings people to tears.  I know people who can write like that and seem to ‘hit it’ post after post.

I’m never sure if the problem is that I lack depth or just don’t have a passionate ‘voice’ or what, exactly, the issue is that keeps me from writing those epic posts that I want to be writing. Some days I struggle to write anything at all. Most of the time I write something and just have to convince myself that it is ‘good enough’ to publish and hit the publish button.

Even as I am writing this very post, I am reading it and thinking that maybe I should be writing about ‘Gratitude’ or something. I am ever so grateful that I am NOT writing about being a grandmother. As I look in the mirror lately I realize that I very well could be writing about ‘graying’ (in reference to my hair…also, hair! STOP THAT IMMEDIATELY!! I am NOT that old!!)

It’s sort of funny, I got an email yesterday that posed the question ‘Are you a Good Girl?’ And I wonder if I should be writing about that. Not the email – the concept of being a ‘Good Girl’. I came across a post yesterday written by someone who had gone and gotten their degree and then basically came to the conclusion that it had pretty much been a waste of time because, culturally, there were restrictions on what she could do with her life and none of the things she is ‘allowed’ to do will utilize the degree. And I know that living within cultural norms is a choice but it made me sad that there is this obviously intelligent woman who isn’t going to be living up to her potential (oy vey! There’s that phrase ‘not living up to your potential’… The Universe has been kicking my ass lately with that. All well and good to know that I should be doing something more with my life. Frustrating because no one can tell me WHAT the ‘something more’ is or give me any direction. Folks, if I could figure this stuff out on my own, I would. A little help here, Universe??)

Gracious, this post just ended up going all over the place, didn’t it? Guess it embodies the quote I saw and loved ‘I like to refer to myself as a Free Spirit because it sounds classier than Out Of Control Bitch!’ (Oh, shoot… I could have written about ‘Free Spirit’ for my ‘F’ post….)

Guess I’ll call this post ‘Good Enough’ and hit publish. By the way…Guest Post by Christa on Monday!


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  1. I could have written about ‘Free Spirit’ for my ‘F’ post….)

    Go back and write it anyways. 🙂

    [‘Why not?’]

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