G is for Gratitude

I’ve been thinking, since we moved, how much better this place seems to be and I am very grateful for the upgrade.  Is it perfect? No.  We still have to take our laundry to the laundromat (no hookups for washer/dryer in the apt. and no working facilities on site. But really, that’s a pretty minor thing in the grand scheme of life.

It’s nice to be able to take a shower that stays a consistent, pleasant temperature.  At our old place, there were two temperatures in the shower. Ice Cold or Scalding Hot. You MIGHT get a few seconds of really pleasant temperature water as you frantically tried to adjust temperature, but overall it was a crap shoot and made taking a shower an unpleasant proposition (which was one of the reasons I stuck to taking baths in the tub rather than risking the shower).

I am also grateful that we’re in a better location.  I hadn’t realized just how far away everything was at our old place. I once had a friend ask me, shocked, “You have to drive over 5 miles to get to a STARBUCKS?” which is, if you think about how they are on practically every corner, an honestly surprising thing.  But yes, the nearest grocery store was almost  2 miles away (not huge, but certainly not like where we are now where we have a grocery store within a few blocks).  Yes, there was a bus stop nearby but the bus didn’t run that frequently and it meant you were about 2 hours from anywhere if you needed to take the bus.

G is also for “grinning”, which I am doing a lot of (when not stubbing my toes on moving boxes).

3 thoughts on “G is for Gratitude

  1. That’s great that you’re in a better place! Everywhere has its downside, but at least you feel better there.

    Just a block over from where I live in Houston, there’s a corner that comedian Lewis Black made semi-famous in an HBO special. At the time of his special, there were two Starbucks facing each other across the street from one another, and he made fun of it. Soon thereafter, an additional Starbucks opened up in the bookstore next door to one of them.

    You must live in the biggest Starbucks desert left in America.

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