Goodnight Internetz (the 4:44AM edition)

It’s 4:37AM as I begin this blog. I KNOW that this is insanity… why am I still awake? WHY?

I suppose it’s a combination of too many thinky thoughts in my head, the freakin’ party downstairs (AGAIN), and Generalized Anxiety.  I am supposed to go to my monthly coffee meetup but the weather is supposed to be unpleasant and (I know this is an insane thing to say) I don’t have a mid-weight jacket/coat and what if the temp drops and it gets icy and f*ck all, we don’t have any ice melt and I’m scared to DEATH of driving on ice.

I need more clients and the clients I have are giving me less work because things are slowing down for them and I am taking a bunch of classes and I have SO MUCH that I need to be doing around the apartment and I have filing and scanning to do and I need to get out to the Dollar Store but have no clue when that’s going to happen because WEATHER and a car that needs repairs that I am scared to drive and UGH! So frustrated.

And the freakin’ downstairs neighbors. And their partying. And they are not 20-year-olds so how they can stay up all night EVERY FREAKIN’ WEEKEND baffles me. (She types as she is awake at 4:44 AM).

Add to that the fact that Mr.POSSLQ has been very disgruntled lately (I don’t THINK it’s because of me, but I know living with me is enough to disgruntle pretty much anyone) and I am worried about him and I’m worried about the reasons that I KNOW he’s disgruntled about and anxious that there are things I DON’T know about.

Ok. I am going to MAKE myself wrap it up and go to bed. And probably lay there awake for an hour.  At which point Mr.POSSLQ will be getting up to go out and do the laundry.

And it’s cold. And…. weather…and… I need to go to sleep.

Goodnight Internetz!