H is for Harder Than You Think

So, this whole blogging challenge thing is harder than you think.  The writing every day part is a little bit of a challenge but having to write on a theme (in this case it’s a letter) every day when you’re not used to doing that takes the difficulty to the next level.

Also, getting organized again after a move is harder than you think. Especially if you ended up sort of just throwing things into boxes at the end of the move (just to get everything all boxed up so it could be moved). Now I’m trying to  figure out where all of this stuff came from and where it is going to go. Easier said than done. Especially difficult since I want/need my office to be organized but most of the stuff left to be put somewhere is mine.  We need at least one more bookshelf and a couple of other storage solutions (ok, by ‘we’, I actually mean that *I* need more storage solutions).

Sorry for the short post, I am trying to get caught up…because coming from behind is Harder Than You Think!