H is for Healthcare

Hi friends, it’s Christa again. You’ll recall that back in November, I contributed a post that gave a brief overview of how fucked we (that is, everyone who isn’t a rich Republican) all are under the new administration. This time, I would like to focus on a subject that is very near and dear to my heart: health care.

For starters, let me explain my situation: I was born 4 months before my due date. My father had just been fired from his job at a furniture store, and had no health insurance to speak of because the furniture store didn’t want to deal with the myriad difficulties my mom was experiencing through being pregnant with me. It was 1994, Obamacare was not yet a thing. If not for Medicare allowing for the necessary hospital stay and various life-saving surgeries, I would have died before I got the chance to live.

Back in March, the administration attempted to pass a health care bill that would have annihilated Medicaid as we know it, among other things. They did this because the Republican Party is a cruel, vicious bunch of soulless blowhards who wouldn’t know what kindness was if it danced naked in front of them. Sure, the bill failed, but only because the House Freedom Caucus would rather that the ACA was replaced with jack shit. And the administration has other ways of rendering Obamacare toothless, as i’m sure we’ll see in the ensuing months and years.

Now I learn that Trump has appointed Roger Severino, a Heritage Foundation lawyer, in charge of the HHS department’s civil rights division, which means he will be in charge of “protecting” transgender people, like me, and making sure we get adequate health care. Or at least, that’s what he would do if he wasn’t a transphobic asshole who called trans women biological men. Appointing someone grossly unqualified for the job is nothing new for this administration, the same thing applies to every other person in DT’s cabinet, (except MAYBE Jim Mattis and HR Puf-n-stuf McMaster) not to mention Captain Cheeto himself.

Make no mistake: Donald Trump does not care about us. He does not care about me. He does not care about you. He cares about one thing, and ONLY one thing, and that is Donald Trump. He will utterly destroy our health care system, come hell or high water, because while he might be too stupid to operate a blanket, the people around him are not. As long as he does what they tell him to do, no American is safe.

Severino’s appointment is a great big announcement to the trans folk of this country: “WE THINK YOU ARE FREAKS OF NATURE AND DESERVE TO DIE.” And mark my words, they will try to ensure that we do.

One thought on “H is for Healthcare

  1. People who throw the baby out with the bathwater make me nuts.

    There are parts of the ACA that work great, and they should be kept. There are parts that could be improved, and they should be improved. There are parts that are not working, they should be replaced, and continue to be replaced until we find what does work.

    Of course this won’t happen, it takes intelligence.

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