H is for Hectic

HGAHHH! It’s late in the day and I am just now getting here to get today’s post written.  I’m SUPPOSED to be on a phone call with a potential client right now, but she hasn’t called (she was supposed to call me) so here I am sneaking in a blog post whilst I wait.  And yes, I sent an email querying what happened.

I stumbled upon a new calendaring system which I am trying out and I have a time for blogging on my calendar but I didn’t want to start the new system mid-week so I have it all set for NEXT week which means that this week is still a little (a lot?) chaotic.

How’s everyone else doing keeping up with the challenge?


One thought on “H is for Hectic

  1. It’s been tough getting around to enough people, that’s for sure. Work is sapping what little creative energy I have this week and I’m hoping to make up for it over the weekend with tons of writing, a bit of cleaning and SLEEP! Hope things even out for you.


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