Home Again

Wow! Has it really been that long since I last wrote anything here?

The Greyhound trip back home has pretty much put me off ever doing another Greyhound trip. Not. Pleasant.  I won’t go into details, but suffice it to say it wasn’t good at all.

Then, on Monday, Mr.POSSLQ and I were going to go out and get him a new office chair. But when we got to the parking lot the car was gone.  One (expensive) trip to the impound lot later, we got the car back.  But the end result of the whole fiasco is this… as desperately as we need to get a new car, we’ve decided that a new place to live will top the agenda next year.  We have both more than had it with the craptastic attitude of the office staff where we live.  Seriously, these folks have less than zero grasp of the concept of customer service and we are just completely OVER being treated like something nasty on the bottom of someone’s shoe.  Seriously, I cannot even begin to express the level of anger I experience each and every time I have to interface with someone in the apartment office.

I also discovered that three weeks is really probably too long to spend at my Mom’s.  She’s used to living alone and I think she gets really annoyed by the fact that I need to be working when I am visiting.  I mean, I know she understands the “why” of the whole thing, but I think she just gets really frustrated that I have to take significant blocks of time and work when she feels I SHOULD be socializing with her. Also, there’s the whole reality of someone who is used to living alone being in a position where they are now sharing their space.

At any rate, I have a busy agenda in the next few months. I have a TON of work to do to be ready to move. I need to make some $$ to be able to afford to move. I will probably need some sort of medication to handle the stress that is involved in the whole process.

About the only other development is that I changed up my workspace and it’s working out really well. This will be something we will need to be aware of as we scout out new digs. I needed separation of “work “and “non-work” space and figured out how to do it and now wish I’d done it months ago.  That said, I am really enjoying the new setup and I think it’s allowing me to be a bit more zen about things.

And… it’s far too late and I need to get to bed. Talk to you all again soon!

2 thoughts on “Home Again

  1. Gah. Greyhounds are the worst. Glad you got through that horrible experience with your sanity intact 🙂 Nice to hear your’re looking for new digs. Here’s to finding the perfect place (at the perfect price, always the most important thing in my book). Since I work at home as well, I really like being able to shut the door on my office and “be home”. It helps me remember to eat lunch as well, and not at my desk. I have to force myself to step away for lunch, or a trip to the gym. I’ve also had to force myself to sit around in the morning and surf and drink coffee (Dog gets me up at 5, work starts at 8). People don’t realize just how difficult working at home really is, do they?

    • @Lisa – I think that the perception is that working from home is “cushy” and that people who work at home are lazy slackers. When I worked corporate, there were whole blocks of time in my day that I got paid for even if I wasn’t doing the “meat” of my job. Now that I am self-employed… I only get paid for the time ACTUALLY spent doing tasks. And it was really eye opening on a few levels.

      First, I am ruthlessly efficient, so I complete things quickly. Not always an advantage when you bill hourly! *grin
      Also, I spend a ton of time marketing and invoicing and doing all of the administrative bits for my own business. That’s all time I’m not paid for (not billable hours). And don’t get me started on all of the time and money I spend learning and perfecting skills.

      BUT… I LOVE what I do and never want to go back to a corporate gig.

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