I am Gift Impaired

I’ll be honest…. this is not my favorite time of year.  When I was growing up I was sick pretty much every holiday season. It wasn’t until later that I discovered that I am allergic to pine (Mom always insisted on a “real” tree).  Once I became an adult and started living on my own, the holidays pretty much all of their remaining luster for me and when I became a parent, the holidays became very stressful.  I often worked an extra job (or two) for a couple of months so I could afford presents for The Girl.  The Wasband didn’t work so it all fell to me.  And if I wanted a present, I had to give the Wasband the money to buy the present and many years there just wasn’t enough money to go around.  (The Girl and The Wasband always got stuffed stockings plus gifts from me/”Santa”).  Many years one of the grandparents would come through with one of the big ticket items The Girl wanted and I would ask permission from that Grandparent to have that be the “Santa” gift.

I have to admit that I have a gift theory very similar to Sheldon’s on The Big Bang Theory.  I always feel like people get me really good gifts and what I am able to afford falls short.  It’s also a little difficult shopping for Mr. POSSLQ because while I CAN get him kitchen stuff, that feels a little selfish (since he’s going to use it preparing meals I will enjoy, as well).  And, as much as I would love to do something extravagant (have I mentioned that his car is 15+ years old, has well over 200,000 miles on it, is worth MAYBE $350 and needs about $1500 in repairs?  I think we’ve sunk about $3000 into it this year alone and honestly, that was money we did NOT have to spend!) I’m not even at a break-even point financially (working hard to make things happen for 2015…. trying to be patient)

I also feel like I need to make an effort to do something nice for The Girl for the Holidays, as well.  I’m pretty sure that her Dad isn’t going to come through with anything (don’t look at me like that… I’m not being judgmental about him, it’s just that he doesn’t see the importance… case in point, when The Girl was growing up he ALWAYS got a Father’s Day gift… I NEVER got a Mother’s Day gift… it just never crossed his mind).

It’s been a crazy couple of days. I have a colleague whose websites got hacked and destroyed and I’ve been helping her to rebuild.  My vacuum cleaner is officially deceased.  A client who is switching to a more appropriate service provider (she has some very specific needs for her business that require a specialist) in the New Year is throwing a dozen tasks a day at me.  Mr. POSSLQ’s chair is malfunctioning (it’s got “slow sink syndrome”) and I’d gotten the “extended warranty” for it, so we’ll be able to replace it but the claim process was anything but the “quick and easy ” process they said it would be.  It’s 6:15AM and I haven’t been to bed.  I think I have another couple hours of work I need to do before I can go to bed and then I have a client call at 1PM.  It’s going to be a LONG day.

Still have to come up with a gift for Mr. POSSLQ.  No pressure. Funds are limited (November wasn’t great business-wise… December is worse) and stress is high.  I know SEVERAL things he wants and won’t be able to get them all.

I’m pretty sure that neither of my big Xmas wishes will be granted (A Mac computer because I am tired of turning away work because I am a PC user and I was hoping that The Girl was going to finish up her school stuff and graduate by year-end.  Given the time left in the year, I don’t see it happening).

Well, I had better get back to work. If I don’t check in again… Happy Christmahanukwanzayuleafestivus!


P.S. – There is still time to get one of Leonie Dawson’s AWESOME workbooks – If you’d like to get your own workbook(s) – here’s a linky!! (I know I’d LOVE to get one…(I decided I NEED to get a PRINTED copy, not just the e-version) I am sure someone on your list would love one, too!)