I is for Insomnia

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a very complicated relationship with sleep. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE sleep, it’s just that it, apparently, is not so enamored with me.  Growing up, I always had a really difficult time falling asleep and then a really difficult time waking up in the morning. I simply wasn’t tired at the bedtime of 8PM, so I would either try to be sneaky and read until about 10 or 11PM or I would lay there, awake, for hours.  No amount of sheep-counting helped.

I had a couple of graveyard shift jobs over the years and found that those were the times that it was easiest for me to sleep. What complicated that, though, was being a parent. Because there are times that you HAVE to be awake (especially if the other parent isn’t particularly responsible or if there simply is no co-parent).  Plus, it can feel like the world conspires against daytime sleepers.  No one thinks twice about being loud during the day. People want to call you and don’t understand why you don’t want to talk at 2 in the afternoon (because you are TRYING to SLEEP!)

One of the best parts about being self-employed is that I can set my own schedule.  Yes, there are clients who simply cannot work with someone who is not “a morning person” but, what I am finding is that those folks aren’t my ideal clients anyway.  The up side for most of my clients is that if they give me something in the evening, it’s in their inbox in the morning.

About the only time I am up really early anymore (aside from when people catch me in the very early morning because I haven’t gone to bed yet) is days where I have a conference or something to go to.  But most of the time, I am on my own schedule and it works pretty well. I still don’t sleep as well as I would like, but overall I feel better than I did back in the day when I was on a Corporate schedule. And, of course, there is the bliss that comes from napping. (Seriously, kids have NO idea how lovely napping is).