I is for Insomnia

II don’t really think anyone is surprised that I is for Insomnia.  It’s almost 6AM as I type this and I need to get to bed but I didn’t want to do another delayed posting.  I’ve been busy and trying to get things done so thus, the late-night. I have a bunch more things in queue, too, but they are going to need to wait until after I’ve had some sleep.

I do have something new I am going to try out. It’s called “Pillow Potion” and it is an aromatherapy product that is supposed to help you sleep.  So, we’ll see. If nothing else, it smells quite nice so I am looking forward to it.  Mr.POSSLQ is dubious as to how effective it will be, especially for him. So… I guess we shall see.

Couple of projects I need to work on this weekend in addition to really needing to do some cleaning.

But now, I’d best be off to bed!



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