I is STILL for Insomnia

I’m sure Mr.POSSLQ would laugh at this because I’m pretty sure he’s under the impression that I sleep CONSTANTLY and, compared to him (due in large part to his work schedule) I probably do get more overall sleep (My Fitbit tells me I average about 5 hours of sleep).

It’s weird because I’m fine being awake in the wee hours of the morning but once the sun comes up, I am suddenly sleepy. And it’s ALWAYS been that way for me, which meant working corporate jobs for most of my career was fighting my natural schedule. Which means I was nowhere near as happy and productive as I could have/should have been.

Anyhow, now that I am self-employed, I attempt to use my weird schedule to my advantage and get things done in the hours that most people are sleeping. As I write this, it is 6:30AM I really, really need to get some sleep.  Yet, here I am, writing a blog post (that really probably should have been written last week).

There’s a good chance I am going to a conference hosted by a new client next week. This involves travel. This involves getting up WAYYYY too early many, many days in a row.  However, outside of the conference, this gig is REALLY important, so… I will suck it up and soldier through (and then come home and sleep for a week!)

I’m going to wander off and head to bed now. I apologize that this is a short post. I blame sleep deprivation.

(P.S. – i just had an “Oh Holy Crap, I wrote an “I” post and I never wrote an “H” post and then I remembered that Christa wrote the “H” post which was why *I* didn’t recall having written an “H” post… this lack of sleep thing stinks!)


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  1. Good luck at the conference! Being that i’m a morning person married to a night owl, i get how everyone in the house ends up on a different sleep schedule.

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