Insomniac Ramblings part…I’m too tired to remember…

So, I know it seems contradictory to say I am tired AND have insomnia. I did go and try to sleep earlier but I had an absolutely terrifying, woke up with heart pounding nightmare and found that I’d only been laying down for about 20 minutes. I was too freaked out to try and go back to sleep, though, so I have been up and have been trying to get back to the point of “too tired to stay awake” so that maybe I can manage more than 20 minutes of sleep next time I try to go to bed. And, of course, I’m hoping the nightmare will just stay away, as well. UGH. (It was related to the election).

This was another long week of doing “client care”. I will be glad when next week is over and the worst of it (or at least the BULK of it) will be over.  Dealing with daily hate mail has been a treat (she said, sarcastically). All I can tell you is that I am getting some really clear ideas about what I don’t want to be doing.

The lightbulb over the stove in the kitchen has burned out again. I swear we go through them about 1 per month since we moved here. It’s crazy.  But, the stove and fridge are, really, fairly old and appliances don’t last forever but I also know that apartments are loathe to replace them, especially with the configuration of this place, I can’t really figure how they would get the fridge or the stove out (or a new one in) since the back steps (that lead up to the kitchen) are VERY narrow.  I almost think they’d have to go through the livingroom and bedroom (where there are sliding doors. If I had designed this place, I would have had the sliding doors off the kitchen, not the bedroom. Of course, I also would have put an outlet in the “guest” bathroom.  Seriously, who doesn’t put at least ONE outlet in any room??

Wishing I hadn’t thought of blueberry donuts… I’m going to try sleep again. (Hey, I never claimed Insomniac Ramblings were coherent).