Is election season over yet??

I should be working right now but I got a comment notification and then I noticed that somehow my blog thought that yesterday was today and I had to make sure to get that straightened out (basically, the date on my blog yesterday was the wrong date and I am not even sure how that happened, but it’s crazy and now I think I have things set right. Stupid timey-wimey stuffs).

I’ve now made it to Day 3 of NaBloPoMo. And it’s Thursday. So, again, Go Me!

I am not a big sports fan by any stretch of the imagination, but will note that the Chicago Cubs won the World Series and acknowledge that even for a non-baseball fan, I understand that this is a significant moment in history.

While I am trying to maintain a positive attitude, I have found myself putting things on hold pending the outcome of the election. And it’s keeping me awake at night even though my rational mind knows that worrying will have no impact on the eventual outcome.  The flip side of it is that I am feeling a push to get things in order, which is a little dumb because if the world is going to end, no one is going to care how clean my apartment was or was not. (I am hoping to come back to these blog posts in  a year or so and laugh at how ridiculous all of this is).

Anyhow, I’m sorry to be Debbie Downer and will try to be less depressing as we go forward.



One thought on “Is election season over yet??

  1. Well, if the election goes badly, the good news is that things will probably go bad in ways completely unlike anything we predicted.

    That is how it was with At least one other President who drove the country into a hole during my lifetime. The warnings that people gave before his, um, election, turned out not to be true, but his Prssidency turned out to be worse than we’d expected.

    I guess that’s good news. Maybe.

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