J is for Juggling

It can be a challenge sometimes, keeping everything going. It was a regular circus in the time leading up to and including the move and we’re still juggling a lot of pieces and trying to maintain sanity. Trying to get things organized, stay on top of (or ahead of) client work, taking care of routine household upkeep. It’s a little crazy.

On top of it all, I am having quite a bit of anxiety about things.  How to make more income and still keep my current clients happy, worrying about the car which needs massive repairs (or honestly, it needs to be replaced), how can I take some of the financial stress off of Mr. POSSLQ (so that he doesn’t have to deal with out-of-control debt and can start saving for a new vehicle) and a host of other things that are too trivial to bother people with but which weigh heavy on my mind.

There are things I need to be able to finish off projects around the house and I just don’t have the resources right now.  Speaking of resources, sleep is one and I am not getting nearly enough of that. (Note aforementioned Anxiety).



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