K is for Killemquick

KMrPOSSLQ has a medication that is about to run out, he submitted his refill request to the pharmacy on Friday and all seemed well until he got the message that it “needs physician approval” and was, thusly, delayed.  Grrr!

I poked around on the internet later that night and found some reviews about Dr. Killemquick and his office. There were a few that sang his praises as though he had discovered the cure for herpes but there were more that had, well, not one nice thing to say… This ranged from waiting for 2+ hours to see the good doctor even when one has an appointment to being told that things were “all in your head” (when there were some physical symptoms that were very VISIBLE) to a couple of people stating that he’d be hearing from their attorney.  And several that said his office staff simply NEVER returns calls to pharmacies and that even for things that should be a simple call to the office, he makes the patient come in (the better to charge you a co-pay, my dear).  And there were stories of taking MONTHS to resolve things with insurance.

So, all of this does not bode well and I know Mr.POSSLQ is none too thrilled with the prospect of having to go in for an appointment.  For one, he isn’t thrilled with getting saddled with another $5000+  of uncovered blood tests, for two, he’s been eating more than two lettuce leaves a day and three… No one LIKES going to the doctor. At least no one I’ve ever met.

Anyhow, I am HOPING that he will just cooperate and re-up the damn prescription.  I know this is a vain hope. But it’s a hope nonetheless.  If Mr.POSSLQ must venture once again to Dr. Killemquick’s lair office, I’m sure y’all will hear about it.