L is for Late Post!

LSo, I sat here last night staring at the blank screen, trying to figure out what I was going to put here.  And I sat. And I stared. And not one thing would come into my head to fill the screen with…

Of course, this was AFTER I’d spent the evening filing my taxes. Which. Ugh.  I am a little bit wiser and a whole lot poorer after that whole thing but at least they’re DONE and I can move on.  At least now I have a better feel for what records I need to be keeping.

I have a full queue of things that need to get done. I need to get to work on doing some more cleaning (it’s bad when you are taking breaks from work to do things like clean out closets).

On the up side, apparently someone over at Doc Killemquick’s office got ahold of the pharmacy and magnanimously authorized the refill of Mr.POSSLQ’s ‘script so Mr. POSSLQ will not have to scramble to get back to Killemquick’s office.  I am supposing that the leaf-eating will start again soon (aka I will be doing a lot of chopping veggies for Mr.POSSLQ so he doesn’t start hungrily eyeing the cats) so that the annual physical he gets for work can be passed.

Trying to stay on top of everything has me a little frazzled, but I’m working on it. I guess it’s a work in progress.