L is for Lost

So, we’ve been in the “new” place for nearly a month and I still feel very lost here.  And there are things that are here somewhere but until they are found, they too, are lost.

I look in the boxes every day. Sometimes I will see something that I actually have a place for and will put it there. Most of the time I see something that needs to go on a yet-to-be-purchased shelf. Part of me is angry with myself for not getting more done every day. Part of me is so overwhelmed that I am paralyzed and I just stare at the sea of boxes feeling hopeless.

I know that there is a popular theory regarding decluttering right now that says you should hold each item and ask “does this bring me joy?” and, if not, you let it go.  This is not a method that works for me because on some days, NOTHING brings me joy and other days, practically everything I own brings me joy.  I’ve made peace with the fact that, once again, “popular wisdom” has no practical application in my life.  I’m glad it works for some people. I secretly smile when I read the accounts of people who did extreme decluttering only to find themselves miserable days/weeks/months later and wishing that they had their things back.

Do I acknowledge that yes, I have too much “stuff”? Yes. And I’ve spent the last couple of years trying to clear things out. It is something that is an ongoing challenge.

Challenge 1 – find the huge trash bags that I KNOW we had and get the empty boxes removed.

Challenge 2 – find the container that I dumped all the partial plastic shoeboxes into (rather than taking up several boxes worth of space packing the lidded plastic shoeboxes), sort the contents and store the plastic shoeboxes (I actually have a place in mind for this and it’s honestly just reorganizing things that were organized poorly before the move).

Challenge 3 – organize the plethora of office supplies I have. I’ve been working on this but there is a bunch more stuff to organize and store.  And then deciding how I should organize my files.

I’m sure that, in time, this will start to feel more like home and I will feel less lost.

2 thoughts on “L is for Lost

  1. I’m trying to declutter. If I look at something and realize I’m never, ever going to look at it or do anything with it, I get rid of it.

    So far, I have no regrets.

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