Monday Again? Shut Up and Write!

I should probably be working on the backlog of writing projects that I have but I thought I should probably come and make a post, too. So, here I am.

Last week, Mr.POSSLQ was away for work so that gave me the chance to catch up on some projects around the house (due to his schedule, it’s best if I don’t make a lot of noise during the day, so things get put off and I need to be mindful of the neighbors when I think about projects in the evening/at night even though they don’t seem to give a second thought to being noisy. I don’t want to be ‘that’ neighbor).  So, when Mr.POSSLQ is out of town, I try to get caught up on the noisy stuff that needs to happen around the house.  I did get a fair amount done, not everything that I would have liked, but a fair amount, nonetheless.

I also got a new computer. I think poor Mr.POSSLQ got tired of me complaining about how long it was taking to get even simple tasks done and we went out and got me a new computer. And then discovered when we got home that we needed a different type of monitor (I run a dual monitor system and so I had one that was compatible and one that was not).  But now everything is all set up and I can actually do what I need to do without constantly using 95% of the available memory, which means that things actually move at a normal pace instead of being horribly laggy and taking forever for things to open up.  So, yay!

Now I actually feel better about going out and getting some new clients because I can actually not have to wait 5 minutes for a Word file to open up.  So, I am super grateful for this and simultaneously wondering just what mischief he got into when he was out of town (*grin).  Also think this makes my ’13 years of sharing space and we haven’t killed each other yet’ gift of a lazy susan spice rack look pretty lame. But, as is tradition, he always gets me awesome stuff and I think I’m getting him something awesome until I see what he got me.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever really managed to get him a ‘wow’ gift… not because I haven’t TRIED, just haven’t managed to find the ‘just what I always wanted’ item for him yet (although the easel was probably one of my better choices).

Well, I’d best dig into that backlog. Have a good week, y’all!


One thought on “Monday Again? Shut Up and Write!

  1. My grandmama used to have a lazy Susan spice rack! I used to go over to her house (The Big Brown House) and spin it around and around. Goddess above I miss that house…

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