N is for New Living Space

Mr. POSSLQ and I moved in March.  We actually moved in the middle of the month (for a number of reasons, not the least of which was to give us time to get the old place cleaned out/cleaned up. After almost 7 years, it was a pretty big job).

The move reminded me that one of the big reasons that we stayed put at the old place as long as we did was that moving is a horrible, horrible experience.  We were stressed for months. First, there was finding a new place that wasn’t horrifically expensive and wasn’t worse than where we were moving away from. Then there were all the logistical pieces.  And even though we wrote the deposit check in January for the new place, they didn’t deposit it until late last week.  So, there was this huge period of time where, while we had paid the deposit, we didn’t actually have a lease and that can make for some pretty nerve wracking “do we really have a place to go?” moments.

Good things so far:

  • A little more space – especially a roomier kitchen
  • Much more central location
  • An actual assigned parking spot that is actually close to our unit
  • Two bathrooms (the down side of which is that I don’t think we can ever move to a place with just one bathroom again!)
  • Less police activity due to horrible crimes taking place
  • No weekend-long parties and drunken karaoke
  • Actual security

Less than stellar bits:

  • Still seems pretty impossible to successfully get a package delivered on the first try
  • Very noisy children (although, after dark, they seem to go inside unlike at the old place where children ran amok until 2-3AM seemingly unsupervised)
  • Office Lady disappears randomly and without warning during office hours

So, overall, I would say that it’s an upgrade. And the office staff here seems at least marginally competent and isn’t consistently rude and unprofessional like they were at the last place.

The big headache now is finding places for all of our my stuff. And not knowing a good Chinese place that delivers here…



2 thoughts on “N is for New Living Space

  1. Isn’t moving a horror. We’ve lived in our home the past 13 years and I can tell you it will take a jackhammer to get us out. Roomier is always good.

    I’m visiting from A to Z.

  2. What I would give for a chinese place that delivers!! Or anything that delivers that is NOT PIZZA. I love living out here in the desert as far away from Albuquerque as I can get while still being in the “Metro Area”, but man, I miss delivery. P.S. started a new blog, highdeserttales.blogspot.com


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