N is for Nobody Home

So, yeah…here I am in the middle of a blogging challenge and I have to leave town for several days and I’m not sure how much time I am going to have for blogging. This is where it would have been really handy to have written ahead but, you know, that would take planning and I have been too busy dealing with the details of arranging the whole out of town thing.

I read recently something that said if you replace the phrase “I’m too busy” with “That isn’t a priority” it puts things into better perspective. The idea that you would never say “Taking care of myself isn’t a priority” or “I’d grow all of my own vegetables but that isn’t a priority…” (Ok, maybe growing all of your own food really ISN’T a priority). But there are things like blogging which I do want to be doing and writing is important to me but having income is important, too, so…. I don’t really feel that it’s fair to say money is more of a priority than writing because that makes me sound greedy, not practical.

Also, there are times when writing really is a priority but there are other things that need doing. Would I rather be writing than scooping the litterbox? Hell Yes! But, my cat would tell you that she will use my pillow as a kittybox if I don’t commence to scooping her box – PRONTO! (For the record, she hasn’t ever (knock wood) used my pillow as a kittybox, I’m just saying that it’s always a possibility).

Also, I know that permanence is never a ‘given’ in work situations, so the whole thing with going to this conference is to manage to be normal enough in person that they don’t decide that they don’t like me before they’ve even really gotten to see what I can do.  I do not exactly consider myself ‘charming’. I think the best I can hope for is ‘not freakishly weird’.

I’ve also realized recently that one of my biggest ‘problems’ is that I care whether people like me. And also, I need to really watch expressing myself honestly. It’s not a good trait for someone who needs to have income. At least if they are the opinionated, cynical person that I am.

So, if y’all stop by and the blog posts aren’t here…. Nobody’s Home (but I’ll be back…!)