Need a little confidence over here…

We managed to find another place to put in a rental application. Not as nice as the original place but less expensive and in a good location.  Called to ask them about the place. No response. Emailed to ask about the place. No response.  Finally, we just went over there.  Put in the application. Were told 24-48 hours was “normal processing”. We applied on a Saturday so really didn’t expect anything until late Monday or maybe Tuesday. Finally, on Thursday, Mr. POSSLQ called. No answer. (Not surprised). FINALLY she called back and said we were approved and advised us to come put a deposit down ASAP. Which we did. Now, 3 weeks later, the checks aren’t cashed. To say I am a wee bit nervous is an understatement.  Office Lady says she’ll call “about a week” before the place is ready.  If, for some reason, there are shenanigans, that is REALLY going to put us in a crunch.  (Can you tell I am having a Crisis of Confidence here??)

Meanwhile, we are packing. Which is nerve wracking in it’s own right. I mean… if you can pack it up a month and a half before you move and you won’t miss it, do you really need it at all?  Also working on cutting down on stuff like clothes.

Also irksome is that we haven’t seen our EXACT unit yet. We saw one that is purported to be similar but not knowing the configuration of the space has drawbacks. (Again, can you tell I am having a Crisis of Confidence here??)

And, related to nothing. I have been thinking about Dunkin Donuts Glazed Blueberry Donuts for days now. And I wish I wasn’t. But I am.

I should probably get to bed.  Much to do and need to be rested to do it.

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