Nice while it lasted…

I’m not quite sure how to follow up a ridiculous post about my love for my toaster oven. I probably should be doing something far more productive right now (work) but here I am…

So, back in March we moved from a neighborhood where people were getting shot on the regular  (nearly weekly there was a shooting within a few blocks of where were living). And things have been good in the new neighborhood. I am still not thrilled by how LOUD the kids are, but until I am old enough for Senior Housing (about 10 years from now…) I can’t really live somewhere that there are no children.

A couple of months ago, there was a…shift in the complex. Where the noise had previously been the sounds of kids laughing and playing, suddenly I was hearing VERY frequent F-bombs.  Around this time, the little girl next door started reporting to Mr. POSSLQ (no idea why, perhaps because her parents were dismissing her) that she was being bullied. Hmmm….

On Sunday, I had a package delivered (Yes, I, too was surprised). The delivery notice online said “left at/near front door”. Opened both front and back doors, no package.  Thought “ok, maybe since it was a USPS delivery, maybe they put it in the mailbox and just put the wrong notation into the system.”  Mr.POSSLQ headed out to the mailbox…and found the opened and EMPTY box in the bushes outside. NOT COOL.

First, the carrier didn’t knock AT ALL. We were both home ALL DAY on Sunday and Mr.POSSLQ’s desk is about 8 feet from the door.

Second, whoever took the package had to come into the building, come up to the second floor and get the package. This wasn’t someone casually strolling by, this was someone who saw the carrier with the package and deliberately came up two flights of stairs to steal it.

So, I put together a “decoy” package and set it outside of the door. I checked various times during the day and it was still there. When I checked it this evening, it had been moved and seemed to have been opened and then re-sealed.

Most of the time when we have things delivered, they just leave it in the Management office and then Mr.POSSLQ has to schlep it home. I LIKE when they deliver stuff to the door, but  they need to KNOCK, FFS.

But, I also think I have the right to expect that people will NOT STEAL MY STUFF.  I mean, yeah, this isn’t people getting murdered but really, this isn’t very acceptable behaviour, either.  We don’t want to move again and, after the holiday season we probably won’t get many packages. But, it’s very disheartening to know that SOMEONE in this neighborhood has no qualms about taking things that aren’t theirs and I am wondering if this has anything to do with the bully situation/increase in completely inappropriate language for children that I have been noticing over the past couple of months.

We’re not planning to move.  We’re just disappointed. And yes, we do have a PO Box, but it’s over by the old apt. and there are a bunch of places that won’t ship to PO Boxes. It’s ridiculous that this is an issue.  But then, the world seems to be going a little nuts in general lately.