Ninja Shut Up and Write Wednesday

I know that I said that Monday is Shut Up and Write day, but very early Wednesday morning is the ‘International’ Shut Up and Write session and I usually drag my happy hiney to it because I need more than one intensive writing session per week and it’s easier to do it if it’s an official Shut Up and Write session (why yes, this is something I’ve become hooked on). So here I am writing a blog post. Mostly because I missed writing one on Monday (was catching up on a backlog of other writing that I had to do) and because I want to try and get here on a regular basis and have it be an actual habit to blog.

I need to be writing posts for my business blog, as well, so I am planning to make time for that in future sessions of Shut Up and Write. I would like to have a buffer of the business blogs built up so that I can release them on some sort of coherent schedule as the key to good business blogging is a mix of fabulous content and consistency.  Or, at least, that’s what we’ve been told. I also realized that I need to find a couple of files on my computer as they should be put into a new format.

At one time I had a number of OneNote notebooks and then when I switched computers, I ended up not recovering the files in the way that I wanted to so everything was a mess so I extracted the contents of one of those notebooks and put it into another format and then tried to figure out how best to rearrange things in OneNote but now I have the new computer so I would like to start over and do it right.  So, that will end up being another one of my projects.

On an up note, Mr.POSSLQ’s annual work physical is complete and he’s good for another year. To which I say ‘yay!’  Annual Work Physical time is always a little stressful.

And now, onwards and upwards with my day.