O is for Organizing

As you might imagine, after one moves, there is quite a bit of organizing that needs to happen. I think maybe Mr. POSSLQ is not so enamoured with my system of figuring out how to organize things before I actually put them somewhere because it is making the unpacking process rather slow.

I am taking some extra time to sort and organize office supplies and to decide how I want to organize my file cabinets and organizing the bathroom is taking up some time, as well.  I don’t often wear makeup due to the fact that I work at home and, until now, it was just a pain in the posterior to find all the needed products and actually get myself pulled together. But, I am working on organizing everything so that it will be easier to find and (at least theoretically) easier to use.

Organizing the books will most likely be a time consuming process, as well. I think it is fortunate for both of us that Mr. POSSLQ put together the bookshelves and put the books on them when I wasn’t around and I haven’t had the time or the unhampered access to the shelves to be able to rearrange anything. But, there is another bookshelf coming, so the potential for overthinking arranging books still exists.

Getting my THOUGHTS organized, though… is going to take way more time.