O is for Out and About

OIt isn’t often that I get out and about during the week. Between the schedule I keep, when the car is home and the work I have to do, I am usually at home every day. That isn’t (by the way) a complaint, it simply is how the typical week for me is.

Last month and again today (Friday), I have been assisting with a “Lunch and Learn”.  I don’t mind and it allows me to meet new people, but it also requires getting up early and being able to put myself into a “people” mindset.  Which is more difficult than you might think.  I’m just assisting while the person who normally does it is out/away (I’m not sure what the issue is and I don’t really care – probably none of my business anyhow).

All I know is that I will be glad to get back on my regular schedule. But it’s good to have a reminder now and then of why I do what I do.